2009 Race Bike

Here are some pics of my new Ancillotti Tomaso DHP, freshly built up just last week, I’ve already got some runs in on the Pleney and Super Morzine with Scolsey. Feels good to be on a fresh race donkey, new stuff just sits nice. Got some suspension set-up to do when my best little buddy Nige gets back from turning spanners in Andorra. But other then that its going good.


I’m off to Ireland on Sunday to finally get me a driving licence, after that I drive the Hyundai race shed/ply-wood palace back here to Morzine. Then pretty much drive straight to Italy next weekend for the first Italien cup. Weekend after that is the first IXS Euro cup in Veribier, gonna be a big turn out of “Pros” for that. Can’t wait. Reports and Updates to follow.

Cheers to Tomaso and Alberto at http://www.ancillotti.com



One Response to “2009 Race Bike”
  1. Mumsy says:

    Beans I knew all that book reading when you were 2 and 3 would stand you in good stead, you’re a dab hand at stringing the cupla focal together, Mumsy just clapping herself on the back!:)


    Love Mumsy

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