IXS European Cup Rd.1, Verbier, Switzerland

I was definetly looking forward to getting out of the Morzine valley and seeing some fresh tracks and fresh scenery and Verbier definetly didn’t disappoint. Big Mountains, rad track with some big  Gapatrons, plenty of fast open stuff, hucks to flat, roots and rocks everywhere and a few spots with some sick straight lines and some sneaky moves that required a lot of balls.

The week leading up to the Verbier race was pretty good, I got some solid runs in on the Chavannes side of Les Gets, sessioning s few hidden tracks and the main line for a few days. I also “punched” out a few runs (Cheers for that Nigel) on Super morzine side, with Mitch “Princess” Delfs, Sabrina, nige and all the Kiwi fuckers, good times with heaps of people riding and sharing uplift duties. Closer to the race, I had Ben Reid and number one phtographer/tea boy/mechanic/superstar Ali Beckett lock down the thunder truck out side my house, where they could get their daily Facebook time in, dryout a few tea bags and was out their ball bags!

The day before the race myself, Ben, Ali and the Playbiker team had some good runs in Les Gets then organised the times for the next days convoy outta Morzine. We left Thursday afternoon, in convoy, with the Thunder Truck out front, Rankin and Pykeybiker in the silver Bullet, myself and Sizzle/Cecil in the Aubergine Wonder adn Scolsey, Brook Macdonald and Aari “Harry” Barrett bringing up the rear in Supertranny!

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

We arrived in Verbier and set up Camp for the weekend, Rankin had to resort to my floor for a bed as the race organise weren’t answering phones to give up any info of where Rankin and his teams accommodation was.

Truck Stop

Truck Stop

After a solid nights sleepin in the Aubergine Palace, I got up toa  quick supermarket trip/arse raping, then it was pretty much registration and Practice time. First runs went pretty good, with my self, Scolsey and Brook getting loose whenever possible. After 3 runs we called it a day and headed up to walk the course to suss out some hotlines. Scolsey had the eye for the weekend and showed us all a few quality lines.

Qualifying day was Saturday and we awoke to some angry looking skys and some pretty shitty weather. After a couple of runs with Rankin in the morning and a big lunch break I got ready for qualifying on what was a now a completly differnt track, muddy and loose in the open and just gnarly as in the woods and on the rocks, a full days rain before my qulai runn at 17.15 left the track and condidtions pretty shitty. I made the same decisiona s Scolsey and that was to run my muddy practice kit for Quali, which proved to be a bad idea as 4 corners into my run, my pants where so wet adn muddy they decided to strart falling to my knees. Not ideal as I had to pull up more then once in Quali to deal with them. Because of that I qulaified way down the field and was just hoping not to cathc anyone in Sundays race run.



Sunday morning was looking much better weather wise, so we all held off till after 10am to get some final pratice in. On a much drying track, tyre choice was crucial. I stuck with the cut Wetscreams for my run, but an hour delay due to some booner snapping his leg on the first jump, ment the track was now almost bone dry, perfect conditions and a set of Minions would have been a far better choice.

My race run went pretty average, with a couple of major errors in two crucial rock gardens where exit speed was key, this left me considerable off the pace however I just caught the racer who started in front of me at the finshline so at least that wasn’t an issue. It was my first race of the season, so good to get a race run under my belt for 2009. 44th place in an Elite field of 75 with some close times was ok but nothing special. Just gonna build from here on the speed I know I have and start pieceing together the fitness and technical side of things so I can lay down some solid race runs.

Next race is gonna be the Maribor WC in 3 weekends time, plenty of work to do before then. Hopefully I’ll have some riding photos from Verbier and around Morzine up in the next few days.

Chris K

2 Responses to “IXS European Cup Rd.1, Verbier, Switzerland”
  1. Sabrina says:

    Your Life always sound so epic…! See you in a couple of weeks!

  2. Ali says:

    Haha! You legend! Sweet safety pencils!

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